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Sushi rice

Sushi is made with white, short-grained, Japanese rice Known as Japonica or Koshihikari mixed with a dressing made of rice vinegar, sugar, salt, kombu, and sake. It is cooled to body temperature before being used.

Sushi rice (sushi-meshi) is prepared with short-grain Japonica rice, which has a consistency that differs from long-grain strains such as Indica. The essential quality is its stickiness. Rice that is too sticky has a mushy texture; if it is not sticky enough, it feels dry. Freshly harvested rice (shinmai) typically has too much water, and requires extra time to drain after washing.

There are regional variations in sushi rice, and of course individual chefs have their individual methods. Most of the variations are in the rice vinegar dressing: the Tokyo version of the dressing commonly uses more salt; in Osaka, the dressing has more sugar.

Sushi rice generally must be used shortly after it is made, at Sushi Chef We are so Popular or Rice is always being used very Quickly for the best in Taste and freshness. All Sushi Chef Sushi rice (sushi-meshi) is prepared on site, many times during the day by Joe the Expert Sushi Chef


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